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  • hunterfenters1: Hey!!! My name is Hunter Fenters! I'm from Myrtle Beach, and i currently own an 09 grabber orange mustang. I found this site and have known about it for some time now, but i could never figure out how i could go about getting the OMR sticker for my car!?!?!?!?!?! Can someone please tell me how i can order one or buy one!!!
    September 18, 2015, 06:48:32 AM
  • GOGirl07: Now that I have finally figured out how to get my car registered, I would love to have a sticker for it. :)
    September 06, 2015, 08:59:16 AM
  • Maintman: How can I get grabber orange registry numbers for my car
    August 19, 2015, 04:09:16 PM
  • Freelancer: I have tried two times to get listed on the Grabber Orange Registry, but I am still not listed.  What am I doing wrong?
    July 06, 2015, 03:12:36 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: OK, I had another stupid glitch, got rid of that app... some new folks were lost, so if you were on here and can't get on, then pm me please
    February 10, 2015, 10:36:18 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: I am hoping to add a spot in the registry where you may enter add ons and mods to your entry and have it link to your profile and give you more control over adding and subtracting it.... :D  I'm not a new programmer, as I have done so for over 26 yrs, but I am fairly new to using a CMS software and then reverse engineering it to do odd customizations it was not intended to do....  I am the first to integrate an actual database driven registry that can exist by itself as well as share its data within the actual website and not break on the first new feature update by the software.... now that made my eyes cross doing that....
    December 29, 2014, 07:45:06 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: suggestions are always welcome, also welcome back Tigger and Thanks for Making your new home ambenz!!!
    December 29, 2014, 07:41:16 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: ed, I have you edited
    December 25, 2014, 01:47:52 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: ed, merry Xmas, I will be the only person who can make the edits when a registry entry is already made. I have plans to change that once we get everyone sorted out, because some of the entries didn't originally link to it's owner.
    December 25, 2014, 10:53:31 AM
  • ed.burgholzer.7: How do I edit Registry? I'm 057, but would like to add user name.
    December 25, 2014, 08:38:18 AM
  • Orangepony13: Just registered my 2007 GT.
    June 05, 2014, 08:42:26 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: hey Vilenight, congrats on your new purchase!  And welcome to the site
    August 25, 2013, 12:27:31 PM
  • Vilenight: hi I'm from enterprise Alabama I bought a 2009 GO mustang GT in January.  flat black racing stripes and side c.
    August 21, 2013, 04:50:25 AM
  • GO Greg: Hi. I'm a Seattle-area proud new owner of a 2007 GO GT convertible. Stock black stripes, black wheels and doorhandles. Had just 11,300 miles on it! Looks like a lot of GO forums online are inactive, but this one's a going concern. So I thought I would say hi.
    July 24, 2013, 12:49:35 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: Happy Canada Day to our Canadian GO's... I'm in Winnipeg this week, so maybe I'll see ya.....
    July 01, 2013, 09:58:33 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: welcome ziggy, we all hang out mostly at facebook group grabberorange.... the covers I will ask around... :D  Welcome
    April 01, 2013, 07:18:15 PM
  • ziggy240: hi i'm a new grabber orange owner & member,,?? i saw a grabber with amber fog light cover ,i love,em where can i grt them. thanks
    March 04, 2013, 02:39:36 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: Yay the facebook plugin is working awesomely
    December 09, 2012, 05:51:02 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: I do have the facebook page for "grabber orange
    November 22, 2012, 08:10:05 PM
  • Goboss Twoeightyone: sweet, thanks for coming by the site, not much activity lately.... :D
    November 22, 2012, 08:09:49 PM
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October 13, 2015, 01:45:54 PM by FangStang | Views: 75 | Comments: 0

Grabber Orange 2007 GT 5-sp...Fang Performance Twister Special package. , 3.55:1 Limited Slip, Shaker 500, Predator tuned, C&L 95mm CAI, Borla X-pipe and cat-back exhaust. Hurst Comp Plus short throw shifter, 18x9 Black Bullitts with Nitto tires, "Stop the Hop" suspension package, suspension package, Koni Struts and shocks, SR lowering springs, SR double adjustable panhard bar, SR rear shock tower brace, CDC Classic front spoiler,Sequential tails, and Honeycomb Panel, 28100 miles
October 10, 2015, 03:07:45 PM by FangStang | Views: 72 | Comments: 0

Picture of my 07 GT... just lowered 1.5"...
October 10, 2015, 01:21:41 PM by FangStang | Views: 85 | Comments: 0

Hello everyone! I purchased my 07 GT in October 2014. It has 28000 miles on it. The original owner sent the car to
FANG Performance (long since gone). When they brought back Grabber Orange, Fang used custom and aftermarket parts
to make a modern day version of the "Twister Special" that Ford released in 1970. I have added a few more touches to keep it
similar to the 1970 version. I'll peruse the forums, and chime in from time to time. Just wanted to introduce myself!.
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May 13, 2010, 07:39:59 PM by Citricacid
Views: 1096 | Comments: 0

How do I do this
Here's my how-to on installing hood pins.

First decide where you want to place them. Some people like them really close together, others like them as far away as possible. Best choice is where the factory bump stops are. - Registry,DSCF3081

Start by removing the bump stops by unscrewing them. Then remove their base by prying on the side of them. - Registry,DSCF3082

Some filing had to be done to the hole for my 1/2" pins to fit where the bump stops were. Also the bottom securing nut had to be inserted into the core support to raise the pins high enough to clear the hood. - Registry,DSCF3083

Next, place some peanut butter on the tips of the pins and shut the hood to mark the places where you'll have to drill for the holes. - Registry,DSCF3084 - Registry,DSCF3085 - Registry,DSCF3086

Using a center punch, make an indention in the middle of the peanut butter to mark where the hole will be drilled. Drill, using a step bit, through the bottom half of the hood and then place tape on top of the hood to help minimize paint chipping. - Registry,DSCF3086 - Registry,DSCF3088
The hood is fiberglass so long sleeves is recommended

After drilling, shut the hood and note any spots that'll need to be filed until the hood opens and closes without touching the pin. - Registry,DSCF3089

Once satisfied, place the plate on the hood and carefully center it before drilling the holes for the mounting screws. Carefully drill the holes and then screw the self tapping screws in a criss-cross pattern to ensure equal tightening of the plate. - Registry,DSCF3090 - Registry,DSCF3091

Once both sides are done, add the lanyards. - Registry,DSCF3092
and enjoy a job well done! - Registry,DSCF3093 - Registry,DSCF3095 - Registry,DSCF3096
August 10, 2009, 06:37:55 PM by Citricacid
Views: 1467 | Comments: 7

How do I do this
So I ordered some white faced gauges from Dallas mustang on ebay for $16!! Well, they came today and I decided to install them. No biggie, since I had done one on my Focus before. Well, after getting the center section on, I realized that they gave me the wrong year set up. I ordered a 2001-2004 kit and received a 96-98 kit. Well, it seemed like everything lined up so I plugged it in to test the needle placement and I noticed that the idiot lights where in the wrong spot. Now I was starting to get upset. Well, I decided that since I can't return it I'ld just splice the old idiot light cover to the new one. Well, that looked like crap cause I can't cut straight and I vowed never to buy from Dallas Mustang again! I told myself the whole time that "You get what you pay for!" and was kicking myself sideways. Anyhoo, as I was retesting the needle placement, would you believe it, the fuel needle fell into the dash. Now I'm fuming and it wasn't pretty. So I started to take the knee plate out and I found the lost needle. I placed it on the pannel and everything worked perfect, but still looked like crap. Well, I deceided to put it all together and behold, I had forgotten about the plastic bezzel which to my fortune, covered up the crappiness! I'm very pleased with the way it turned out and how I figured a way to make it all come together! - Registry,100_0881 - Registry,100_0883 - Registry,100_0885 - Registry,100_0886 - Registry,100_0887 - Registry,100_0889 - Registry,100_0890 - Registry,100_0891 - Registry,100_0893 - Registry,100_0894 - Registry,100_0896 - Registry,100_0898 - Registry,100_0899 - Registry,100_0901
July 02, 2009, 07:30:29 PM by Citricacid
Views: 2159 | Comments: 5

How do I do this
I love the old school cars and after seeing this on the internet, I became obsessed and decided I'ld take up the challenge and make the mesh grill with the offset pony. Here's how I did it.

Parts list:
1: Driver's side fender emblem (pony and bars) Ford part #YR3Z 16098 BB (cost $16.55 after tax)
2: mesh grill 25" wide by 9" tall (I looked everywhere and only found them at Pepboys for $39.99. Then I remembered that a friend might have one and he did so I got mine for free, and have a spare as well, pm me if you want it)
3: Spray paint color of your choice
4: Upholstery removal tool, used to pop those x-mas tree looking plastic pins
5: screw driver, philips head
6: 7mm socket, 3/4" ratchet and 7mm wrench
7: hacksaw
8: helper is optional

1) Remove the radiator cover to get to the top of the grill. Be very careful of the plastic screw and wedge sets, as they can break. Trust me, I broke 3. Fail - Registry,DSCF2005 - Registry,DSCF2006 - Registry,DSCF2007
2) Pull back on the grill to get down to the 4 7mm bolts that hold the grill in place. Pain in the butt if you ask me. - Registry,DSCF2008 - Registry,DSCF2009
3) Once the grill is removed clean up the area underneath it and start to mold the mesh into shape. I found it easiest to transfer the clips from the bottom of the old grill to the mesh grill and screw the mesh to the bumper to help hold it in place while shaping it. - Registry,DSCF2010 - Registry,DSCF2011 - Registry,DSCF2012 - Registry,DSCF2013
p.s. Make sure your helper knows the difference between a ratchet and a screw driver! - Registry,DSCF2015 - Registry,DSCF2016
4) Once it's shaped to your hearts content, remove it from the car and paint it to the color of your choice. I went with good old black. - Registry,DSCF2017
5)Now, on the back of my pony there is a cross shaped prong. In order for it to fit into my mesh, the top and bottom flanges on the prong had to be cut off. Easy work with a hacksaw. Also, when I placed it into the mesh, I had to file down one of the sides to help make it fit. On the skinny prong, I took the locking washers off the old grill and placed it on the new one to hold the pony in place. I didn't bother removing the cover for the adhesive. - Registry,DSCF2018 - Registry,DSCF2019 - Registry,DSCF2020 - Registry,DSCF2021
6) I then screwed the mesh grill to the bumper using the original holes and clips. Place the radiator cover back over the mesh and insert the screw and wedge sets to their locations and you are done! - Registry,DSCF2022 - Registry,DSCF2024 - Registry,DSCF2025 - Registry,DSCF2027
April 27, 2009, 04:30:21 PM by Citricacid
Views: 2009 | Comments: 6

How do I do this
Ok, so the stock, single color of your stang just isn't doing it for you any more and you want to spice it up; may I suggest some classic, always in style, LeMans stripes! Sounds interesting? Then grab a buddy and here's a parts list:
1. Windex or a spray bottle filled with soapy water
2. Razor blade
3. Plastic scraper
4. Roll of 1.5" blue painter's tape (the distance in between your stripes is up to you. This is what I used)
5. A roll of 12" stripes for you guys with '05 and newer stangs or 8" for earlier models.(I bought my stripes from
6. Roll of twine or string for measuring distance from outer edge of the body to the stripe local
7. tape measure
8. Straight edge

So first things first, wash your car and make sure there's no bugs or wax or anything that will be where your stripes will be. I'ld also suggest that your car be cool when applying the stripes.
Once the car is surgical room clean, Start by taking the string and measuring sideways across the hood to find the center. Now, take that measurement and figure out how wide half your tape width is. This resulting number is is where you need to put the tape. In other words, half your tape width should be on one side of the center line of your hood. On my 04 I believe it was somewhere around 25 1/4" or something like that. You can measure all the way up the hood or just lay the tape and triple eye it like I did. I recommend you tape the entire car before starting to stripe. Also, for those with a 99-04 stang, you can use the trunk key hole as a centering point.
Now time for the striping.
Measure the distance of the area where you will put the stripe. I started with the hood. Add about 2-3 inches to your measurement to allow for uh-ohs and over lap. *Make sure you have enough to tuck under the hood at both the front and rear and everywhere else you can tuck the ends* Now use the tape measure and the straight edge to cut a perfect line. *Make sure you cut the stripe with the color side up. Otherwise you may scratch the stripe.* I used a sewing cutting board as a cutting surface. Once the stripe is cut, spray the area with windex and also spray the back side of the stripe. The stripe is like a giant sticker hence the windex. The more you spray the more you'll have to squeegee out and the longer it will take to dry. (The windex is to allow the stripe to slide around while you position it.) Once you have the stripe in the place where you want it, start to squeegee the windex out from under the stripe and make sure to get the air bubbles out. (I used lint free clothes to help soak up the windex that was squeegeed out.) Once the air bubbles are out move on to the next area and repeat the process. A note for those with the v-6 reverse scoop hood: I placed the stripe over the "scoop" and used a razor to cut along it. If you have a better idea use it!
Now with the awesome contours that make the mustang so attractive, also make the striping process much harder. You really get to see how curved your stang is! On the bumpers I would recommend less windex and possibly even a hair drier. Why a hair drier? The hair drier will make the strip more malleable and easier to place into all the contours. On the raised spoiler, my buddy and I found it easier to just remove it and stripe it off the car. The front bumper and the spoiler are the most time consuming and probably the ones where your inner sailor will emerge.  Once you are finished all the way around, double check your work and make sure all the air bubbles are gone. Yes, some will show up later, trust me. Once completed I had about 3 feet left and used it for some touch ups and extra tuckage. Allow to dry for 24 hours or longer depending on how the weather is and enjoy the fruits of you labor!

I tried to attach some pics to help with the process but they didn't attach. So, just look at my pics and use those to get the idea.
Good Luck!

Stickied as a really great tutorial for stripes!! I can help with the pics if needed.
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